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OUT 7/15/2022

photo by Jesse Sutton
In September of 2018, I asked Ashley and Zach if they wanted to meet up. After just having written and released the last Sun Valley Gun Club (SVGC) record, I only had one new song, called MEGADETH TEE. To me, it was about the stuff you bring with you as you pass through life: T-Shirts, memories of your favorite dog, memories of past relationships, traumatic memories. Very shortly after our first practice, we agreed we needed another guitarist to fill out the sound. Jacob played with Zach in the Nevada City band Ghost Pines (not to be confused with the wine of the same name), and SVGC had played with them, and Ashley and Zach and I thought Jacob would be cool to have involved, so we reached out... Jacob was interested. We got together a few times to work on guitar, and our playing styles fit together well. As we learned to play together now as four-piece band, and played shows over the course of the next two years we wrote and fine-tuned a group of songs that would become our first album, called MEGADETH TEE. We started 2020 with the intention to record these songs mid-year and release the record later that year. That did not happen. And so, our first record is out now on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and most other streaming services. It was inspired by the words of our dear friend, philosophy professor, and poet Johnny Allen.

MEGADETH TEE at band practice.



The Dirt Road
The Slow Death of Lung Cancer
Sending Out A Dove
I've Got Your Blood
I'm Glad You Got Out (But I Miss You) (video: live at earthtone studios)
Rushing Lattice (blog) (video: live at dream cabin sounds)
No Kind of God (blog) (video: live at dream cabin sounds)
To Feel So Small (Hello Me, It's Me Again)


Megadeth%20Tee%20-%20Star%20Thistle%207.5%20MB Justin Butler is one of my oldest friends, and incredibly talented graphic artist who played guitar in SVGC with Ashley and me. Justin did layout and design for all of the SVGC records, and I could not think of one other person I wanted to ask to do the art. My idea was to set a take a sharp "product" photo of an item from childhood that carries some meaning. Justin actually did a mock-up of that idea with a photo of a stuffed animal bear. Both Justin and I found this version to be a little too cute and bright for the subject matter. Justin's idea was not something I'd heard of before, called Cyanotype, which is a very old printing process, using specialized paper that produces a negative of the subject matter.