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Photo by Matt Kadi


David Mohr is a painter, in acrylic, in music and in word. David wrote the lyrics basically as they are sung, with a few small changes because sometimes it's difficult to make the melody do exactly what you want it to, and then I just repeat the chorus a lot at the end. This was David's response when I asked about meaning: "The lyric “Rushing Lattice” was about being fenced in or caged in and ultimately trying to come to peace with that feeling. ...My guess is stray cats have an unfathomable wildness that haunts them as they try to make sense of their pocket of human society. I was trying to write about the idea of caring for a creature that has no idea it is being cared for and how doing something good can be perceived as the opposite." When I was writing the music for this one I was seeing a lot of really horrific footage from the 2019-2020 Australian Bush-fires and I was thinking about all the animals trying to escape that were being rescued by humans, but since we can't communicate with Koalas they have no way of knowing our intentions. So sometimes I think about Koalas when I'm singing this song.

This is the PDF David sent me that had the original version of the lyrics.


Jack listening to the first mix of Rushing Lattice at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio.

Synths & Background Vocals

Sometimes when you start adding stuff to a song you're not really sure where it's gonna go, and when a little of something cool is too much (it usually is). So, Jacob has a Juno-60, and an Ace Tone Top-5 Combo Organ. We used both of these extensively during the additional recording that we did at Jacob's house. I think the Ace Tone combined with Jacob's guitar at the end of the song take us into something like Yo La Tengo stylistically, which I think was a cool place for us to go.